Semi-Automatic Handgun

The model 1911 is a timeless semi auto pistol design that came to life over a century ago for military use and remains in military service today. Firearm manufacturers have aimed to improve and perfect the 1911 design whether it be feature alterations, premium materials, or precision machining. That said, if you’re looking for 1911 perfection, look no further than Balistik Defense’s ADAM Series 1911s. These Turkish made 1911s will stack up well against some of the most premium 1911s made today. Each ADAM Series 1911 is crafted with hammer forged 4140 steel and high precision machining, and offer target precision right out of the box. Every ADAM 1911 features a monoblock trigger made from 4140 steel that is heat treated to prevent stirrup deformity and also provides a consistent 5 pound trigger pull.

Each ADAM 1911 will come with premium finishes including Cerakote, QPQ, PVD, DLC, or case color hardening. Each option provides high wear resistance, scratch resistance, and high resistance to corrosion. These 1911s are built and finished to last a lifetime. They offer ambidextrous thumb safeties, plus, Novack rear sights come standard with an adjustable elevation for personalized accuracy. The ADAM series is offered in both .45 ACP and 9mm calibers, as well as different size variants, such as their S, M, and B versions. Each version provides different slide serrations and each serration design offers an ideal tactile surface choice for manipulating the slide, thus giving the operator positive traction even with wet or sweaty hands.

Whether you’re a 1911 enthusiast or just looking for one of the highest quality made 1911s at a great value, the Balistik Defense’s ADAM series 1911s are an excellent choice.


MODEL   ADAM 45b & 9b
MANUFACTURER   Balistik Defence, Turkey
BARREL    Hammer Forged 4140 steel with Button Rifling
 FRAME  Hammer Forged 4140 steel
SLIDE   Hammer Forged 4140 steel
WEIGHT   2.15lbs
CAPACITY   8+1 .45 ACP & 9+1 9x19mm
CALIBER   .45 ACP & 9x19mm
TRIGGER ACTION   Single Action
SAFETY   Grip Safety and Ambi-Thumb Safety
GRIPS   Machined Composite or Walnut
SIGHTS   Rear Novack with Adjustable Elevation

Model – ADAM 45b & 9b
Imported by GForce Arms  Reno, Nevada
Manufactured by Balistik Defence Turkiye