The Poncho

Side by Side 12GA Hunting Shotgun

Perfect for an individual wanting a classicly styled firearm in their posession. Great for beginners to learn how to shoot, as well as for well versed gun-owners in providing a quality & affordable shotgun. Designed for target practice at the range or hunting game. Easy to use controls, comfortable aim, reliable accuracy.


STYLE   Hammer  Hammerless
 OPERATING SYSTEM   Side by Side, Double Barrel  Side by Side, Double Barrel
MANUFACTURER   GForce Arms, Turkiye  GForce Arms, Turkiye
BARREL    20″  28″
WEIGHT   6.5lbs  8.5lbs
OVERALL LENGTH   37.5″  45.5″
TRIGGER ACTION   Single Action  Double Action
SAFETY   Yes  Yes
FRONT SIGHT   Bead  Bead
MATERIAL   Walnut, Aluminum Walnut, Aluminum
FEATURES   Double Hammer, Double Trigger  Single Trigger
CHOKES  I.C., MOD – accepts Benelli Mobil chokes  CYL, I.C., MOD, I.M., FULL – accepts Benelli Mobil chokes

Model – GF12SXS
Imported by GForce Arms  Reno, Nevada
Manufactured by GForce Arms Turkiye