Single Shot Hunting Shotgun

ATTENTION! This Model Does NOT Shoot Slugs*

* Shotgun “SLUG” ammunition comes in different varieties. Most experts do not recommend shooting slugs through a MOD choke or smaller for the simple reason that some slug ammunition types could “plug” the barrel and cause damage to your firearm or could even be potentially harmful or fatal to the shooter. This is the PRIMARY reason we do not recommend shooting slugs through some of our models that come with a FIXED MOD choke-sized muzzle. Familiarize yourself with your firearm and the ammunition you are shooting!  Shotguns are not like handguns or rifles.  Shotgun shells can come in different types of pellets in both size and material, as well as different lengths of shells and velocity. CHOKES serve a very important purpose for which you should also understand. Consult a firearms expert if you need training in your firearm or the purpose of the different parts of the gun.


STYLE   Single Shot Break Action Hunting Shotgun
MANUFACTURER   GForce Arms, Turkiye
GAUGE   12GA, 20GA, and .410GA
BARREL    22″
WEIGHT   4.5lbs
BARREL CHOKE THREADS   Fixed-MOD choke, No Slugs
STOCK & FOREND   Synthetic black and blued forend

Models – GFSB1222, GFSB2022, GFSB41022
Imported by GForce Arms  Reno, Nevada
Manufactured by GForce Arms Turkiye