A single-shot shotgun offers several benefits, particularly for beginners and those seeking simplicity and reliability. Its straightforward design, with only one round per use, encourages careful aim and shot placement, which can improve shooting skills. The lack of complex mechanisms reduces the chance of malfunctions, making it a dependable choice for hunting and home defense. Additionally, single-shot shotguns are often more affordable and lighter than their multi-shot counterparts, making them accessible and easier to handle. This simplicity also translates to easier maintenance and cleaning, ensuring long-term durability and performance.


MODEL   GFTXP9165 GFTXP357165 GFTXP23165 GFTXP3520
CALIBER   9mm  .357 Magnum  .223 Rem & 5.56 NATO  350 Legend
STYLE  Single Shot  Single Shot  Single Shot  Single Shot
MANUFACTURER   Seckin Arms, Turkiye  Seckin Arms, Turkiye  Seckin Arms, Turkiye  Seckin Arms, Turkiye
WEIGHT   6 lbs  6 lbs 5 oz  6 lbs 8 oz  6 lbs 8 oz
BARREL LENGTH   16.5″  20″  22″  22″
OVERALL LENGTH   37″  40.5″  42.5″  42.5″
LENGTH OF PULL (LOP)   14.25″  14.25″  14.25″  14.25″
FRONT SIGHT   Blade  Blade  Blade  Blade
REAR SIGHT   Open Picatinny  Open Picatinny  Open Picatinny  Open Picatinny
OPTIC MOUNT   Yes – 2 5/8″ Picatinny  Yes – 2 5/8″ Picatinny  Yes – 2 5/8″ Picatinny  Yes – 2 5/8″ Picatinny
RECEIVER MATERIAL   Steel  Steel  Steel  Steel

Manufactured by Seckin Arms  Turkiye