With your GFORCE ARMS, model GFORCE ONE, you’re not just buying a hunting shotgun, you’re buying a promise. A promise that we stand behind our product, not just today, but for a lifetime. This isn’t your average warranty; no sir, this is a lifetime warranty! No need to stumble through old receipts or purchase proofs. This warranty is for the gun, and it’s transferrable. 

Now, we believe in responsibility and reason, so we have to mention this – the warranty doesn’t cover loss, theft, deliberate damage or cosmetic impairments that don’t affect the performance of your GFORCE ONE. But remember, if your shotgun becomes damaged or defective in the heat of the hunt, we’ve got your back. We’ll repair or replace it at no charge to you. 

And in the rare event that we can’t fix it, don’t sweat – we’ll replace your shotgun with another in perfect working order of equal or better physical condition. So gear up, and go with confidence. GFORCE ARMS, your reliable partner in the field.


GForce Arms is proud to announce the launch of the GForce One hunting shotgun. The GForce One is designed and manufactured with the hardcore hunter in mind. With a mission to offer an affordable hunting shotgun that harbors many of the features and functionality of high-end brands such as Benelli, Browning, and Beretta, GForce Arms introduces a reliable shotgun that will make any outdoor enthusiast proud. By the way, it comes with a lifetime warranty. No B.S., no questions asked, no proof of purchase. We just keep your gun running so that you can keep doing what you do best… hunting and shooting.

The design of the GForce One operating system produces unmatched functionality and reliability. The Gforce One comes with two plugs (just in case you lose one) and it’s made to handle 3 inch magnum shells, as well as light 1oz field loads with ease. As hunters and shooters at GForce Arms, we have a strong appreciation for not needing to clean our shotguns every time we return from the field. Therefore, we set the expectation for the GForce One to cycle day in and day out without the need to pull out the cleaning kit after every hunt. We are proud to be able to check that expectation box with our inertia operating system.

The GForce One boasts an oversized charging handle and bolt release button, allowing for easy operation. Additionally, this shotgun has a Benelli Crio choke thread pattern and comes with five extended chokes to give you more range and pattern for different shooting situations. The GForce One has a 3+1 capacity. However, it also comes with a 10+1 magazine tube extension kit just so you’re ready for the spring snow goose seasons. And you can let this gun chew through shells as fast as you want when the white birds come in feet down.

Our goal was to create a shotgun that’s ready for anything – from breaking ice, dropping it in the marsh, or rolling it down a hill – this gun will still run. If it doesn’t run, we promise to get your GForce One back in service and back into your blind pronto. If we can’t fix it, well I guess GForce Arms will just have to buy you a new one. We believe we have delivered on our promise of extreme functionality at an affordable price point with our new GForce One model.

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 OPERATING SYSTEM   Inertia Driven
MANUFACTURER   GForce Arms, Turkiye
WEIGHT   7lbs 3oz
BARREL    Ventilated ribbed 28″ barrel
BARREL CHOKE THREADS   Crio choke thread pattern
CHOKES   Comes standard with 5 factory chokes (CYL, IMP CYL, MOD, IMP MOD, FULL)
CAPACITY   3+1 with no extension tube installed, 10+1 with included extension installed
GAUGE   12GA, 2 3/4″, 3″ shotgun shell compatible
STOCK & FOREND   Synthetic polymer
MACHINED MATERIALS   Stainless steel recoil spring
OTHER   Oversized bolt release, safety, and charging handle

Imported by GForce Arms  Reno, Nevada
Manufactured by GForce Arms Turkiye