Semi-Automatic Hunting Shotgun

ITEM # GF11228

The GForce Arms Refuge semi auto hunting shotgun is the absolute best in its class. This high functioning gas operated semi auto shotgun was made with the hardcore hunter in mind but at a solid price point.  With a Cerakote finish for bomb proof durability, it’s perfect for hunting in the corn fields on a pheasant drive, or deep into the marsh lands for waterfowl.

 The Refuge can handle heavy 3 inch magnum loads as well as light field loads, with 5 chokes included to let you adjust the range and pattern for optimal performance. It also comes with a hi-viz fiber optic sight, rubber recoil pad, 6lb trigger pull, and a cross bolt safety – this gun checks every box that the competing brand name gas operated semi autos but at an affordable price!

 Plus, with a limited lifetime warranty you can rest assured that your hunting companion will last for many hunting seasons to come. So don’t wait – get your hunting shotgun today and experience hunting like never before.  With GForce Arms, you’ve got a hunting partner for life!


**Disclaimer: Always use the proper hearing and eye protection while shooting any firearm. Use of firearms is at your own risk. Gforce Arms is not responsible for any injury or damage caused by improper use of firearms or failure to abide by gun safety rules. Please handle all firearms with caution and respect.**

 ****The information provided in this article does not constitute legal advice and should not be taken as such***

The process for teardown on the REFUGE is the same as our GF1 model.


STYLE   Semi-Auto Hunting Shotgun
SYSTEM   Gas Operated
MANUFACTURER   GForce Arms, Turkiye
GAUGE   12 Gauge (12GA)
SHELL SIZE COMPATIBILITY   2 3/4″ and 3″ Shot Shells
SHOT VELOCITY   1,290 FPS or faster required to operate
WEIGHT   7 lbs
BARREL   Ventilated ribbed 28″ barrel
CHOKES   3-chokes: CYL, MOD,  FULL
CHOKE THREADS   Benelli Mobil
FRONT SIGHT   Red Fiber Optic
OTHER DETAILS   Comes standard with a 2+1 magazine plug for migratory bird hunting


***ATTENTION*** We highly recommend using 1400 FPS or Higher Velocity Ammunition on this Firearm for at least the first 100 rounds during the “break-in period.” Furthermore, gas operated shotguns run dirty and Gforce Arms recommends cleaning this model after each use in the field.

Model: GForce Refuge
Imported by GForce Arms — Reno, Nevada