GFORCE ARMS is now offering a $20 per gun SPIFF at the distribution and dealer level for all sales transactions associated with each GFORCE ONE model.

Current qualifying SKUs include the following:


Distributors are required to provide a monthly sales report for each of these SKUs to qualify for the spiff. Monthly spiff compensators can be provided in the form of an account credit or a check at the discretion of each distributor.

Dealers/sales associates are required to submit proof of purchase via email (info@gforcearms.com) . Proof of dealer
sales transactions must include the following:

  • Email subject line: “GFORCE ONE SPIFF XXXXXX” the XXXXXX should include the name of the sales associate.
  • Scanned or photo copy of the sales invoice
  • Email Body:
    • Store Name
    • Store Address
    • Dealer associate name
    • Serial #

Checks will be distributed within 30 days of all spiff submittals.

Internet dealer sales do not qualify. Any sales transactions below established minimum asking prices (MAP) do not

The spiff is set to occur for all GFORCE ONE transactions from September 15th through December 31st, 2023.