Giveaway – Balistik Defence 1911 ADAM Handgun

May 15, 2023 | Giveaways | 108 comments



Read the terms & conditions to enter below and GOOD LUCK!


  • Balistik Defence 1911 ADAM .45ACP handgun

Qualifications & Ground Rules:

A few ground rules, team. You must be 21+ years of age to enter & win this giveaway. The winner will be responsible for all transfer and background check fees, and must pass the background check. The winner must also pick-up the firearm from a locally licensed FFL firearm dealer – once we select a winner we will coordinate with the winner and their choice of closest firearm dealer to arrange pick-up. In the event no agreement can be met or selected winner doesn’t pass background check, we will be forced to choose another winner.

* NOTE: Additional ways to enter INCREASE your chances of winning (adding +1 to your entry)

Good luck from all of us at GForce Arms and Happy Independence Day.


  1. DouglaS Cross

    I can’t afford one. This would be happiness

    • Stephen P. Lannom

      Beautiful pistol!

      • George Irwin

        Love the gun

        • John Keiser

          Sweet Mama

        • Warren Stout

          I have 2 of your shotguns. This will make a nice trio!

        • GARY M BALL

          I could really use this for my concealed carry.

        • Derrick Watson

          Beautiful piece of work

          • Darin Blomberg

            Nice iron. Would look good on my hip.

        • Stephen P. Lannom

          Look amazing!

        • Melinda Artley

          That gun is sharp i really like it

      • Phil

        Yes, I cannot think of a more beautiful firearm.

        • DON HUFF III

          Love my Gforce 20 gauge Dirty Pheasant O/U.

      • Will

        She is a work of art

      • Stephen Hayden

        I would love to own this awesome gun !!!! 🤞🤞

      • JAMIN Shakespeare

        Rather have one when I need it. Then not have it when I need it.

    • Dave Riesen

      Would be great to carry while in the field

      • Jonathan Otero

        I want it

    • Ryan Steele

      I always wanted a 1911 and what better then a g force

    • Robert Richards

      Looks like a great weapon!

      • Robin Williams

        What a great looking 1911. Would go good with my GForce AR shotgun.

      • Shane

        Lovely gforce 12 gauge, I plan on getting more in the future for sure!

    • Victor j Elliott

      I would Love to be able to use a great shooter. The GForce 45 is a great gun Thank You For the Chance to Win.

      Thank You Very Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alexander Drosos

      Sexy 1911!!!

      • Jerry disher


    • Jarod

      Beautiful! The winner will be a very happy and lucky man.

    • Jim Tatum

      I really, really, want to win this 1911 45 ACP.


      Best partner for my GF shotgun

    • Jerry disher

      Beautiful gun… I want it…

    • Donnell Redwine Jr.

      I’m excited about the product either way 🙌🏾

  2. Stanley Bergsto

    Beautiful gun

    • Javier fuentes

      Huge fan of the bull pump gfz would really like to see what you guys could do with a 1911, I currently own a kimber and a ruger 1911 in 45acp but they are sometimes way to pricey for what you get.

      • Javier fuentes

        Also I don’t know if they are making these in full 5 inch barrel but if they do it would be nice to see a compact hit the market down the line.

    • Ronnie R Toney

      The classic style that will never fade.

      • A. Short

        At 51yr old I have never had my own 1911. would that not be awesome to add to any collection or cache. It would be an honer, to have a sweet 1911 such as that, if I could only afford it.

    • Tom Cassidy

      Great looking weapon. Like my dad carried on Saipan… bless our vets.


    Love the look and would love too have her …..

    • David

      I agree it looks really nice. I’m in for the win!

      • Hoppy

        If this is dependable as the AR 12 then sign me up

        • George Irwin

          Love the gun


        Gforce makes some great guns , love to win that gun


        Gforce makes some great guns , and have a great warranty, love to win that gun,

    • Harvey Lee

      Beautiful 1911 would love to have one

  4. John Dwyer

    Beautiful gun! GForce has great products!

  5. Richard hardie

    Beautiful gun

  6. John Phillips

    Love my G Force shotguns
    Sure this will be a great gun too

  7. Roger B.

    It looks like a high-quality 1911 in the Lord’s chambering.

  8. Todd Andrew Lapcheske

    Looks beautiful would make a great addition

  9. Jim Buenzli

    Beautiful weapon. Very sweet!

  10. Joe Zupancic

    Hope I win

    • Javier fuentes

      I love the 1911 in the 45 acp would love to see if down the road the run a line of 1911 chambered in 10mm and 9mm

  11. Bryan McDaniel

    I could be so lucky. 🙂

  12. Joe Zupancic

    I want to win

  13. Joe Zupancic

    Same ditto third time

  14. Jeff

    A boy can dream

    • Jim

      I cleaned a spot in my safe for it.

  15. Kathy Sasser

    Good looking hand gun! Would live to win it!

  16. McGarrah James

    Nice gun. Like to have one.

  17. Ryan Scales

    Been wanting to give you all a shot! Been hard here lately to afford anything with how the economy is being ran!

  18. Edward Jackson

    Thank you for this chance at such an amazing prize!

  19. Edward Jackson

    Love to win it!

  20. Jason B.

    I am glad GForce Arms decided to release the 1911. This is by far one of the best pistols ever made. Thank you. I hope I win, but good luck to everyone!

  21. John


  22. Sarabjit Singh

    I own g force armor. I love it will buying more in Future. Thanks

  23. Gerald Dickerson

    Would love to have this Gun Reminds me of when I was in the Army.

  24. Kenneth Christopher

    Love the Gforce brand

  25. Howard Perry

    Love my gforce 410 lever action would love to own a 45 1911

  26. Luis M.

    Good luck all! Whoever wins will be very lucky.


    Outstanding looking Handgun.

  28. Robert Valentine

    Great looking 1911, love the way the slide serrations are!

  29. Elliot

    I love 1911s
    This one looks fantastic

  30. Phillip Craig

    Love 1911’s.

  31. Randolph Lietz

    What a beautiful piece. Don’t have any like that. Wow

    • Javier fuentes

      I own a Kimber and a ruger and this one looks like it can go against the best of them, hope it does

  32. David Guyette

    Very, very nice!

  33. Kimani Derbigny

    This would make an excellent addition to my growing collection of G Force Arms firearms!

  34. Charles H Walker

    This would be a very nice pistol

  35. Tion Langley Sr

    A must have

  36. Greg

    That’s a sure beauty

  37. David Mills


  38. Darren Ford

    Would be a beautiful additional to my other GForce Arms pew pews

  39. Michael Graham

    I may have one someday.

  40. Randy Stambaugh

    Come on big money.

  41. James peterson

    Luv 1911, classic

  42. James Shipley

    I would love to win the 1911

  43. Armando Vibar

    Beautiful gun and i love it

  44. David

    If it performs as good as it looks, WOW!

  45. Thomas GRAMESTY

    Great 😊 looking gun love to own

  46. Carol

    I know someone that needs this, he was run over by illegal aliens. The doctor said he should be able to use his fingers soon

  47. John Fridley

    Amazing firearm thank for the chance

  48. John Miller

    What a cool weapon!

  49. Sherman Davis

    Love it !!!!!

  50. Diego Figueroa

    Gorgeous piece, need it for my 2nd amendment exercises!

    • David Huber


  51. Henry walker

    This gun came to me in a dream and said that it should belong to me.

  52. Lisa Barker

    Looks great, I’d like to have one of those.

  53. John M Porter

    GFORCE ARMS quality products. I hope I win :>)

  54. Anthony Bertram

    Reminds me of shooting on the Pistol Range at PISC when I was a PMI. Sweet

  55. David Holdaway

    Can’t wait to get one!

  56. Latron D Ellis

    Every since that guy let me shoot his gun like this at the gun range; I feel in love with it and been wanting it every since. Love the way this shoots!

  57. Frank Bolyard

    Finally located a new GFORCE bullpup shotgun. Had some expected issues with amo type and operator error. GFORCE USA customer service responded immediately, sent me parts and some spare parts, proving to me it was operator error – lol. Very important to have good customer service – it is rare these days !

  58. Jim Tatum

    I hope I win because not only do I need the 1911 45 ACP but that was the year my Mom was born..

  59. Gregg Peters

    The design and finish is beautiful and the grips are positively amazing. I enter these all the time and this one I would truly love to win.

  60. Allen

    Looks like a beautiful gun

  61. Ricky Hurt

    Love my GFORCE, his name is Ralph 2.0 😏

  62. William Small

    Just received the AR platform 12 gauge and would love to add this!

  63. Levi

    14hrs left! 🥳

    This would look awesome in my GeForce collection! 🤘

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