Giveaway – Independence Day 2023

Jul 3, 2023 | Giveaways | 61 comments


Read the terms & conditions to enter below and GOOD LUCK!


  • GForce Arms Huckleberry .410 Tactical Lever Action in USA Flag Cerakite
  • Balistik Defence 1911 ADAM .45ACP Handgun in USA Flag Cerakote

Qualifications & Ground Rules:

A few ground rules, team. You must be 18+ years of age to enter & win this giveaway. The winner will be responsible for all transfer and background check fees, and must pass the background check. The winner must also pick-up the firearm from a locally licensed FFL firearm dealer – once we select a winner we will coordinate with the winner and their choice of closest firearm dealer to arrange pick-up. In the event no agreement can be met or selected winner doesn’t pass background check, we will be forced to choose another winner.

* NOTE: Additional ways to enter INCREASE your chances of winning (adding +1 to your entry)

Good luck from all of us at GForce Arms.

By participating in the firearm giveaway, participants acknowledge and agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding firearm possession and transfer. The Organizer holds no responsibility for verifying legality in all jurisdictions. The winner must meet legal requirements, complete necessary background checks, and release the Organizer from any liability related to the firearm’s possession or use. GForce Arms © 2023 All Rights Reserved. 


  1. D. Justice

    Love my 2o gage shot gunD

  2. Harvey Lee

    That’s a beautiful peace would love to have it

  3. Kim Turgeon

    Thank you I love G force!

  4. Mark Wilson

    I purchased 3 GForce 12 Guage semi auto shotguns and I’m very pleased with them all.

  5. Jerry Jackson

    I have a great 12 gauge shotgun love it

  6. Carol Huntoon

    The red, white, and blue design with stars is awesome! A very patriotic piece, it screams AMERICA! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. Stephen Hayden

    I would be grateful to win either gun, they both are awesome !!!!

  8. Warren Stout

    Either will go well with the 2 GFORCE 12 gauges I have.

  9. Frank Dicochea

    I own a couple shotguns from GFORCE ARMS, great products. Would love to have the 1911

  10. Michael Walker

    Comment *I have four GeForce arms weapons

  11. David Mills

    Would love a G-force firearm!

  12. Louis dirubba

    The best bull pup shotgun around. It just outstanding would love to have a 1911

  13. Louis dirubba

    The best shotgun around. It just outstanding would love to have a 1911

  14. Lloyd Jones

    Great Giveaway!
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  15. Ed

    Either one of those would look good in my collection of Red, White, and Blue and 2nd amendment flag firearms.

  16. John Beam

    Nice giveaway

  17. Jerry N Sumpter

    GFORCE has nice firearms and good quality

  18. Tom

    Very cool love my gf1

  19. Joe Magner

    I have a gf ar12 and love it I would love a 1911 from them

  20. Nick

    I love my 12ga.BR99

  21. Kory R Edwards

    I really enjoy shooting the LVR 410

  22. Ricky Hurt

    A drawing I want to be second place 😍

  23. Alan B Dodson

    This is the time I want to finish second! Would love that Huckleberry!

  24. Anthony Bertram

    Nice, either would add to my SD

  25. Clarence K. Larson

    Both are just so beautiful would love them.

  26. Clyde Green

    Bought the GFAR-12 and love it!
    Named it Mutombo (middle aged basketball fans will get it)

  27. GarlicMonoxide jr

    Had an issue with my GF2P 12ga.. Gforce paid for shipping both ways and repaired the gun for free. Had it back in 2 weeks. Super impressive.

  28. Paul

    Happy 4th of July to all

  29. Jared Sensat

    Would love to add these to me other G Forces firearms!

  30. Ryan

    I would like the 1911

  31. Scotty Glidewell

    GFORCE is a good shotgun I have 3

  32. Fil

    Yes please 🤙🏾

  33. Jim Davis

    I’m loving my Adam 45ACP. Great fit and finish, smooth operation.

  34. Jeffrey Rodriguez

    I ordered the GForce GF12AR 12 Gauge Semi Auto Shotgun Cerakote Tactical Gray and I love it, my friend also ordered one but in a different color which is the Flat Dark Earth or Tan. We went out and test it and we love it. We watch a few videos and before it needed to cycle with a high velocity ammo higher FPS at 1400 or higher but after that it works like a CHAMP. I just want to add that I ordered it through PSA and when I received it, I didn’t know that it didn’t come with the tool to disassemble the firearm, after shooting I was gonna clean it but I couldn’t
    I called PSA and they told me to contact the Manufacturer. I then contacted GForce and it was very simple process, she was very helpful she said she was gonna mail it to me right away. I also told her that it didn’t come with a sticker, because I have 3 large hard gun cases and I would love to have a sticker from GForce and she said I will put a different stickers in the box as well. Again her customers service was outstanding and she also help register the warranty for my GF12AR Shotgun. I am a very satisfied CUSTOMER. If you don’t own a GForce Arms well you heard it from me go on to their website and start ordering.






    Best company for my gf shootgun

  38. Jim Tatum

    I would love to win one of the firearms as long as it is a GFORCE. I love my BR99 12 gauge….

  39. Gregg Peters

    Two beautiful guns! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to own one.

  40. Kevin Kidd

    I love my gforce!!!

  41. William Roark

    I’ve always wanted a beautiful 1911!!
    Brian, Kim! I need this!!

  42. Allenjoe Rowlett

    I love how my Gforce 12ga pump looks. The pump action is so smooth. Love it.

  43. Elroy Portis III

    Purchased the GFY-1 and have absolutely no regrets! It’s kinda fun when people are fighting over who gets to have some fun with it first. I’ve built it up Fairley well which adds on to the experience.

  44. Lon Hatcher

    I could use both of these!

  45. Barry Cash

    Love all ur selection

  46. Joe Groff

    love the cerakote work!

  47. Kie

    Thank you for letting me enter to win

  48. Michele Smith

    I need the 1911 to match my bullpups! Yes multiple! Love them!

  49. Jeremy Cherry

    Pick me 🙂 I’ve used your service department and it was easy and quick! Thank you 🙏🏼

  50. LaVelle R HALL

    It would go nice with my bullpen with matching coating.

  51. Chris

    Love the quality you guys put into your guns!

  52. Lew Derrey

    The product, my 12 gauge GFY1 and the customer service are second to none.

  53. Luis

    Good luck all!

  54. Will Walters

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these sweet looking firearms.

  55. Tim Wiggins

    GForce is awesome my brother bought several items and bought me a shotgun. Shoots very well

  56. Fernando Lopez-Devictoria

    Love Gforce product the AR 12 platform and pump shots guns are quality guns I have fire tons of rounds with out any issues very highly recommend

  57. James Bladen

    Great looking firearms. I need some in my life.

  58. Bryan McDaniel

    Christmas in August 🙂

  59. Sean Densmore

    Why haven’t you call my name, yet?

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