Giveaway – The Huckleberry by GForce Arms

Jan 12, 2023 | Giveaways | 88 comments

GIVEAWAY: The Huckleberry .410GA Shotgun


Read the terms & conditions to enter below and GOOD LUCK!



Qualifications & Ground Rules:

A few ground rules, team. You must be 18+ years of age to enter & win this giveaway. The winner will be responsible for all transfer and background check fees, and must pass the background check. The winner must also pick-up the firearm from a locally licensed FFL firearm dealer – once we select a winner we will coordinate with the winner and their choice of closest firearm dealer to arrange pick-up. In the event no agreement can be met or selected winner doesn’t pass background check, we will be forced to choose another winner.

* NOTE: Additional ways to enter INCREASE your chances of winning (adding +1 to your entry)

Good luck from all of us at GForce Arms, “Say When”.


  1. Dick Dale

    Bought a 12 ga. Haven’t shot it yet. Am impressed with quality shown for the price l paid .

    • Brian

      Purchased a gforce gf3 pump for turkey season, shot 100 rounds through it the day i got it no issues has been a great scatter gat for the price cant be beat.

      • roy lynam

        Bought a gf3p2020 for home defense. Ran a bunch of shells thru it worked great. Would definitely recommend force arms to friends and family.

        • Sean Keith Densmore

          I’m your Huckleberry

        • James Bomar


        • Tom

          I need this I do.

      • Joel Jeffrey

        I am going to win!

    • Juan m Hernandez

      You should post pictures. I have bought at least 4 gforce ar12 still.have them and love them

      • Mike Weninger

        I have a GF12AR. It has cycled everything I put in it.. I highly recommend these firearms.

    • Kevin Ehrlich

      Bought a over and under. Really like it

    • Kendall Hampton

      I have t GFY1 bullpup and love it No problems, solid made and a lot of fun.

      • Chester Norton


      • John

        Bought gf00 and am still waiting for the UPIN process. Can’t wait to put 100 rounds through it!

    • Jarrett K.A. Hunn

      Love my gforce shotguns good quality and loads of fun ….

    • Chester Norton


    • Darwin Alford

      Awesome designs and great customer service – they love to talk to people about guns. Recently purchase the GForce 12 gauge semi automatic with the red, white and blue motif with the stars.
      It’s like wall art !!

    • Corey

      Hey, I’m right there with you.

      • Dar Alford

        Love GForce Qualiy

    • Keith McSherry

      Love the bullpup! have several.

    • Allen Zeno

      I bought a 12 ga. GForce and I really love the kick back. I’m impressed with the high quality for this price.

    • Kevin Muncy

      Bought the 12 gauge over and under Love it…

    • Lyle Schreck

      Bought my 1st Gforce 12 gauge last year and love it!

    • Aleksey Priadko

      Looks damn good me please I already have a few of 12 ga from GForce good weapons!

  2. Manuel

    Very nice, I Love it!

    • Alexander Drosos

      I own two GForce shotguns and I love them! Never had any issues with them, very reliable and cost effective for home defense!

      • Scott Eaton

        I’ve gotten a 12gauge pump. Couldn’t be more happy with it.

  3. Lee Gurke

    I received great customer support from GeForce

      • Mario

        Have a gforce shotgun, my wife think it’s a great shotgun to handle.

  4. Justin

    I don’t have a 410 yet and that looks bitchin

  5. Jerry N Sumpter

    I have a GForce 12 Guage over and under Shotgun great gun love it Thanks

  6. Brian Clevenger

    I have the GFORCE AR12 shotgun. Haven’t shot it yet, but have ordered accessories for it and it looks pretty dang bad. Also customer service is great.

  7. Johnathan Cox

    Lever action 410….yes please!

    • Richard Hardie

      I have a 12 gauge definitely like it would love to get the huckleberry

  8. SJVampyre

    I own several of their products and I am VERY HAPPY WITH THEM!! Keep up the GREAT JOB!! GFORCE ARMS SERIOUSLY ROCKS!!

  9. Charley Sikes

    I own a GF3T and absolutely love it, keep up the great work GForce Arms.

  10. Mark S OKeefe

    trying to find gun dealer with a huckleberry today, having surgery on my knees will be able to shoot it for months.

    • James. R Miller. II

      I purchased a GFY-1 in early 2022 and although it cycled ok when cleaning it I notice the gas piston and cap had issues. The cap appeared to be slightly out of round and bound when taking apart or putting back together. I called and explained the issue, I believe it may have been Jared that help me and he said to fill out the claim form which I did, and received email that the replacement was in mail, couple days later I received it and problem was gone… Great customer service… Thank you

    • Robert dulong

      Own a gf3p. Love it. Cycles everything I put through it.

      • N.H.

        Won the american flag GForce Arms 12gauge AR. I don’t shoot shotguns much but I really enjoyed shooting it. I shot some bird shot and buck shot through it. It functions well but you do have to use ammo that’s loaded fast enough to cycle.

  11. Terry Swinney

    I have had a ton of fun with my GFOO SPORT Semi Auto. Perfect gun for home defense and shooting in general. Excellent product and the price is great. Love it.

  12. John Caldwell

    Purchased the GFY-1 Bull pup last year with American flag design. Love it.

  13. Frank Bolyard

    Own a GFY-1 12g BULL PUP, very soft recoil for wife with 3″ magnums. The quality is good and the customer service I must say is number one, very very good. Thxs

  14. Jackie Young

    I see the filthy pheasant as the next big thing for Bird hunters. Beautiful shotgun with One of the coolest logos ever. I would brand that logo everywhere. Hell I am even gonna get it tattooed .

  15. Ali Muhammad

    Great quality firearms I got an MKX3 AR style shotgun love it it’s actually my first gun and looking forward to buy your new pistol looks amazing 🤩

  16. Gordon Abercrombie

    I purchased a GFORCE bull pup shotgun and am very pleased with the function and reliability of this
    gun. Compact and easy to use in tight spaces.

  17. Robert Valentine

    Very cool looking shotgun, and with GForce Arms you can’t go wrong.

  18. ELmis E. Kress, Jr.

    Had issue with shotgun, still working with me to get corrected. Good looking gun.

  19. Steve Wier

    I bought a 12ga tactical pump and I love it, it works great 👍

    • Darwin Alford

      Awesome designs and customer service

  20. Fil

    Wow very nice indeed.

  21. James H Boyce

    Bought an ar12 gauge broke the end cap on stock got in touch and GeForce sent me a new 1 no charge great customer service

  22. Kris Churchill

    Love my GForce 12 gauge.
    I have the GF12AR and get a lot of compliments on it.

  23. Whyspir

    That is one Awesome looking gun! Love my GF2P, this looks like it will be the next addition.

  24. Jeff

    Love my GF12AR smooth, reliable, and down right fun!!!!

  25. Jack

    I recently gifted some lever action .22 rifles to younger generation. They looked and felt so good, I am thoroughly intrigued by this LVR410SK HUCKLEBERRY shotgun. Looks really good.

  26. Darwin Alford

    Love G Force and and their people .

  27. Aaron Short

    I have never owned anything by GFORCE Arms but it is not like I do not want to I am just a poor down on his luck with more than my share of bad luck. maybe I hopefully will get lucky and win 1 firearms giveaway, and this one would be the top of my list

  28. Andrew Gearhart

    Love my Gforce 12 gauge, 410 looks like perfect gun for on sxs.

  29. Joel Smith


  30. James Shipley

    I have the GF AR12 and I love it

  31. Levell Landry

    I don’t own a 410 but I would love to have this as a collectable


    This will be a great add to my gun collection.

    • Joshua

      I own two shotguns from GeForce arms. I love them both one with a 20 round barrel clip. It’s great for relieving stress at the range. I definitely would purchase from this company again. Very satisfied customer

  33. Anthony McGinnis

    I purchased a Gforce shotgun,haven’t shot it yet.But I love the looks of it.

  34. Calvin Thomas

    My next gift to myself!

  35. Joe

    I have an over and under and an AR12 from Gforce Arms and really like them both. I have named the AR12 Evil because well it is. LOL. I really like lever action guns as I have a few of them and this would complete my lever action stock.

  36. Gilbert Monaghan

    I bought a G FORCE ARMS GF3T TACTICAL today. I shot it this afternoon. This gun has smooth action and fire every 12 ga make and brand of ammunition I load into it. I am well pleased.

  37. Gilbert Monaghan

    I bought a G FORCE ARMS GF3T TACTICAL today. I shot it this afternoon. This gun has smooth action and fire every 12 ga make and brand of ammunition I load into it. I am well pleased.

    Excellent firearm

  38. Scotty Glidewell

    Bull pup shoots great


    I got the Gf3 , I love it

  40. Gerard Joseph Noel

    Bought my GF12AR 18 months ago!
    Love it! Great performance.

  41. John Gustafson

    Great quality, shot over 100 rounds the day I bought my 12ga. Couldn’t be happier.

  42. Adam D Baker

    I bought the tactical auto 12 gauge, I could not ask more from a rifle… after 600 rounds through this gun it still performs amazing!

  43. Kelly Bertoch

    I have a GF AR 12 gauge. Have not been able to use yet.

  44. Peter

    I got a GFZ 12 Bullpup, loved it so much I kinda had to buy another one. Waaaaay better than my Saiga, that took a lot of bucks and time to get running on short brass!

  45. Dwight E Blankenship

    bought a GF 20 guageover and under and love it.

  46. Robert Charles Porter

    Have a GForce AR style semi 12 GA. Awsume weapon. Flawless!

  47. Axel

    I’m your huckleberry.

  48. Marcus Russo

    Got the GF2P and it’s a BLASTER!!! Love this gun!!

  49. Bryan McDaniel

    Yeah I Modded out a GF2P with Mag extension and Feyachi FL11-MB Tac light with sure switch, use ShoeGoo to attach switch to forend.

  50. Charles

    GForce was my first shot gun. Have not used it yet.

  51. Jeremy Brannon

    I own all the 12 gauges, now I need the .410 super stoked!

  52. Dwayne Primeaux

    I purchased a GF3T pump shotgun and I enjoy shooting it! Also it is very easy to clean and maintain too! I have added a sling and it is my favorite go to gun for home defense…Thanks GForce!!

  53. Evan W

    Awesome. Looking..Say When…now 🙂

  54. Mike Jones

    Have GForce shot gun

  55. Eric C Atlee


  56. Craig cooper

    How customizable is the citar12? Can it use vr80 handgaurd are there options for upgraded lower?

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