New Affordable Lever Action Shotgun – GForce Arms GFLVR410

Mar 28, 2022 | Announcements | 27 comments

New Affordable Lever Action Shotgun

GForce Arms LVR410


The new affordable lever action shotgun from GForce Arms is here. Heritage, nostalgia, and tradition were the driving factors behind the development of the GForce Arms GFLVR410. This firearm is gauged for .410 bore ammunition. Lightweight and quick pointing, the GForce Arms lever action is perfectly suited for a first time shooter or your next range toy.

Get Familiar with GFLVR410

Watch the introduction video to familiarize yourself with the new affordable lever action shotgun – GForce Arms GFLVR410. Have questions? Be sure to check out our FAQ for more.

Versatile Precision

Equipped with a 6 shell tube magazine able to accept .410G bore shot shells. Chambered in a 2 ½ inch barrel, offered in both 20 inch and 24 inch variants able to accommodate Full, Mod, and Improved Cylinder (IC) chokes. This ensures maximum effectiveness from the .410 in a variety of situations. Adjustable open rear sight accompanied by a high viz front post makes for quick target acquisition and precise shooting.

new affordable lever action shotgun
GForce Arms GFLVR410 in Nickel Cerakote

Classic Look & Feel

Setting itself apart from the crowd, the GForce Arms GFLVR410 is available in olive drab green, tactical gray, flat dark earth, and nickel factory cerakote finishes. Topped off with Turkish walnut stock and handguard, this lever action is a beautiful blend of classic and modern finishes.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

We make it easy to clean and maintain by providing you with an in-depth teardown video to keep your GFLVR410 performing optimally. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Owners Manual, downloadable anytime from our website. To see specs and other info, be sure to visit our Firearms page for more. Our FAQs page

new affordable lever action shotgun

Rugged Design, Quality Built

Smooth cycling, light recoiling, and fast handling the GForce Arms GFLVR410 is perfect for introducing first time shooters to the sport or putting a smile on your face on your next range day. Get yours today, ask your local FFL dealer for the new affordable lever action shotgun from GForce Arms – the GFLVR410. Available now.

As seen on Outdoor Wire and NRA American Hunter.


  1. Russell Teeple

    Nice looking gun ,looks a lot like a good old 94 Winchester .

    • Ron cox

      Can I shoot 410 slugs into lever action 410

      • joel perry

        will your GFLVR410 lever action shotgun shot 410 slugs ?

    • Charles Frederick Freeman

      Want to check out level cover

  2. Jerold young

    Will this also shoot 45lc

    • James


      By the fact they have ignored your question, I will assume no.

    • Bjorn Genty

      It’s not rifled so even if it could, accuracy would be abysmal

  3. Troy E

    When will this be available?

    • admin

      It’s available for order by FFL Dealers now!

  4. Bob Emling

    What is the suggested retail price?

    • admin

      MSRP is $699 for the LVR410.

  5. Joe Shrader

    When will the GFLVR lever action 410 shotgun be available for purchase?

  6. Bob Barry

    do you have a Florida retail dealer location for your GFLVR410 ?


    Where are they Manufactured…?

    • Timothy Ennis shows this rifle is exported from Turkey.

  8. xx

    It is .410 bore, not 410 gauge.

    Gauge is a measurement of a shotgun bore as volume of shot not caliber. .410 is a caliber measurement.

  9. Sherman Davis

    Will this gun shoot slugs

  10. Nathan cole

    It says the choke is interchangeable on here but on other websites it says fixed modified chock so can you change the chokes or is it fixed

    • Bob B

      It comes with 3 chokes that inter change so I would say Not fixed.

  11. Jimmie Rodriguez

    So, when can we get the same action in a 12guage?

  12. Bob B

    The 410 comes with a cartridge limiting rod installed. Limits to 3 shells. No mention is made about this in any manual or on your Site. No instructions about removing it any where.

  13. Tim Lewan

    Be nice if it was chambered in three inch

  14. Doyle F Dietz

    Is an extra-full turkey choke available?

  15. Tony Anderson

    or maybe a 20 ga.

  16. Dale Hadley

    Will it shoot slugs

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